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General questions

All general questions about FlickrAwards.
What is FlickrAwards?

FlickrAwards is a community for amateur, hobbist, semi-professional photographers who love showcasing their photography in a competitive but fun way. As well as being a great place to showcase your photography FlickrAwards provides you with over 60 different categories to enter your photograph in to. For example you may have taken a photograph of a landscape or a sculpture so there are categories which are a perfect fit for this type of photograph. Once the category has six pictures the photographs go to member vote. The FlickrAwards community will follow the entry requirements and vote on their favourites and within a day or so the contest results will be announced.

If your photograph finishes either first or second you will be awarded the most points. Your position is then reflected on the Awards League which runs each calendar month. If your picture places 1st your photograph will be automatically entered in to a Showdown contest which is described below. The remaining pointers for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th are based on the number of votes your photograph received.

What do I need to submit a photo?

FlickrAwards links to Flickr from Yahoo. All you need is a Flickr account with public viewable photographs to get started. FlickrAwards is not affiliated by Yahoo but has permissions to read only access to your Flickr photos.

When you go to submit a photograph your Flickr photos will be displayed within FlickrAwards. If you cannot see photos please make sure that they are marked as Public on Flickr otherwise FlickrAwards cannot view them.

How do I choose which category to enter?

Quite simply there are over 60 different contest categories and chances are you should find what you are looking for. If for any reason you just cannot pick the right category then use the contest category titled 'Other'. Please make sure you don't use the 'Other' category as a dumping ground otherwise voters will not vote for your photograph if they believe a better category choice was available elsewhere.
What photographs can I not enter?

FlickrAwards is open to all ages and we cannot accept any photographs which are seen to be inappropriate. They will be reported and removed with a risk of the account holder having their account terminated.
Why do I need to vote?

FlickrAwards is like a mini-eco system and voting is paramount to keeping the contests flowing. Voters also earn points by choosing their favourites because correctly predicting 1st and 2nd place winners will result in points on the leaderboard for you. When voting please pay careful attention to the contests entry requirements. If you see photographs which correctly match these requirements then no doubt they could get your vote.

Voting is super simple. When viewing a contest all you need to do first is click on the photograph that gets your first place vote. Next click on the photograph which comes a close second place. Finally simply click the finalise button below and your votes will be recorded and you will automatically move on to another contest if one is available.

How do I know if I won a contest?

You will receive a notification if you won a contest at the top right of the screen or within your My Profle area. If you opted to be alerted by email then you will also receive this form of notification (email notifications are coming soon).
How do I know if I voted correctly on a contest?

Simply click on Voting from the left menu and then choose the type of contest (either Category or Showdown). You will see which contests you voted on towards the bottom of the screen. Clicking on each contest will display it's results.
What are the points which are awarded?

Standard Contest Win (1st Place)

20 points

Standard Contest (2nd Place)

5 points

Vote Win (correctly predicted 1st place)

5 points


Each vote on your picture 1 point


Vote 1st and 2nd in correct order 5 points

What is the Awards League?

The Awards League is calculated based on a variety of results. Each new calendar month the results are reset with the winners listed in order of merit. We encourage all members to vote on contests which they are not part of to keep the cycle moving. Not voting on contests does not support the community.

The Awards League can also have your friends added to your very own personal leaderboard. Simply click on the + button to the right of their name to add them. This is a great feature to play with friends or family on FlickrAwards.

Why are their different contests for new members?

FlickrAwards is divided in two for new members to play contests together to find their way. Once you get 10 wins you will always enter your photographs in to main area and you can no longer submit in to the new members area. Once you get promoted we still encourage you to vote on photographs within the new members area to help them along.

Once promoted you will be able to resubmit the same photographs but prevented on submitting again in the new members area.

Why is there advertising and how can I turn them off?

FlickrAwards is free website but unfortunately someone needs to pay for the bills for hosting costs etc. The advertising contributes a small amount towards these fees but does not cover them all. We provide a fully optional feature whereby, for a small token donation, we can provide a full years worth a advertisement free use of FlickrAwards. Your contribution pays towards the running costs of the site instead of any benefit from adverts being displayed on your pages. Click the link below an advert to learn more.

How can I provide feedback?

Within your personal profile page you will see if Feedback tab. Please do send us your ideas, problems, critique and praise using this feature because this will drop direct to our inbox.


What are Battles

With Battles only two photographs can be entered and both photographs will fight it out for the most points awarded by members voting using a star system. You can only enter 1 photograph in to a Battle and your photograph MUST strictly match the topic criteria. Each Battle is worth a certain number of points and if your photo obtains the most stars awarded you will win and the points are added to your total within the Awards League.

Each Battle will run for a set duration of time but can finish sooner during busy times. You cannot award stars to your own photograph once the Battle begins.

Battle Submission Guidelines

It's extremely important that you study carefully which battle topic best suits your photograph as some similar topics may exist. Choosing the right topic will increase the chances of your photograph winning the battle. You must not submit the same photograph in to alternative battles.

Please remember also that once you have submitted a photograph in to a battle this cannot be removed or changed!

Battle Credits

Battle Credits are provided each week for members to submit their photograph to the value of one credit per photograph. Although variable quite often you are provided 15 credits each week with a weekly gift of 15 credits every Saturday 00:00 GMT. Any unused credits are replaced back to 15 at the time of the weekly reset.

Battle Voting Guidelines

All members of FlickrAwards have different photographic abilities but most members can correctly judge the difference between a good photograph and perhaps not so. When two particular good photographs at face value are shown its extremely important that the viewer looks closer and makes decisions on things like focus, correct exposure, composition, distractive elements, saturation etc. Further to this how does each photograph match the topic of the battle.

With Battles we ask you to choose a rating level for each photograph by selecting stars between 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest). As a guide we would like you to consider everything above and your personal judgement but you may want consider the following when awarding stars.

  • 1. Star - Extremely bad photo. Should never have been submitted and does not match the battle topic at all.
  • 2. Star - Not a disaster but still too far from being an acceptable standard. To far from matching the battle topic to be considered.
  • 3. Star - Some elements are poor and improvements are still required. Shows little connection to the battle topic.
  • 4. Star - Below average photograph but shows some attempt to create a reasonable photo. Beginning to show a connection to the battle topic.
  • 5. Star - Average photo with most elements of acceptable standard. At the very least it matches the battle topic.
  • 6. Star - A good photograph which demonstrates good photographic skills. Matches the battle topic.
  • 7. Star - Very good photograph with good attention to detail and photographic skills applied. Matches the battle topic.
  • 8. Star - Excellent photograph taken by someone with a high degree of photographic ability. Matches the battle topic.
  • 9. Star - Outstanding photograph worthy of a prestigious award. Matches the battle topic.
  • 10. Star - Should be in a gallery. A total masterpiece and faultless in every way! Matches the battle topic.

Please note that on average most members have been awarding between 4 - 8 stars. In some cases you may decide to award the same number of stars to both photographs. This perfectly normal if you cannot pick a winner!

All members are encouraged to vote stars on battles with every member obtaining 3 points on the Awards League for their effort. Remember without your constribution battles cannot complete and move on to the next!

General Guidelines

Essential guidance

Common things to consider when using FlickrAwards.
Photo Resubmission

The rules are clear that you cannot resubmit a photograph that you have previously used in a contest category. So for example regardless of how your photograph positioned you cannot use that photograph again in the same or alternative category. The only exceptions to this rule is when you get promoted from the beginners section in to the 10+ wins section which allows you to re-enter your photographs again.

Secondly you can re-enter photographs in to featured contests so long as it strictly follows the entry requirements.

Multiple Accounts for upvoting

Any member identified in creating multiple accounts to upvote their photographs will be instantly banned. We have routine processes in place which monitors irregular voting patterns and unusual submissions. Members have been instantly benned previously for this activity. It just does not make sense when nothing tangiable is provided when winning contests.

Multiple Accounts in general

It does not make sense to use FlickrAwards with more than one Flickr account. The only time this is useful is when a family member is involved but photos cannot be shared between accounts.

Preventing breaking any photo rules

The photographs which you upload to Flickr and submit in to contests on FlickrAwards MUST be your own original piece of work. You cannot pull any photographs from the web and make them out to be your own work. Members have been banned previously because eagle eyed members have spotted copyright infringement. You have been warned.

Why are my photos disappearing?

Removing or replacing photographs on Flickr will instantly break our references to your photographs on FlickrAwards and deem them no longer available. Unfortunetly we cannot do anything about this because Flickr does not communicate with FlickrAwards to tell us a photo has been deleted or changed. We highly recommend leaving your photographs in place on Flickr.

How do I close my account?

Within your personal profile page you will see if Feedback tab. Please use this to request account closure. When we close an account it will be deactivated but reference links to your pictures and wins will remain due to standing data required for presentation. After a further period your account will be purged.